Complementary therapies are not cancer treatments; their role is to help you cope better with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer while your doctors take care of your medication and conventional treatment.

We are a Nurse-Led organisation, this is what makes us so unique. We offer a wide range of therapies tailored by your needs. It is a free service.

We don’t decide which therapy you have but we will sit and listen to your concerns and needs. We will discuss the side effects of your treatment and give you information on the therapies listed that may help to lessen the effects.

The benefits of complementary therapies include:

Improved Sleep

Boosting your mood and helping you feel less stressed

Reducing sickness

A chance to talk with someone – And someone trained to listen!

A chance to feel pampered and looked after


We know it seems as if your world has fallen apart, so we don’t decide your therapy for you.

Instead, one of our nurses will sit and listen to with you and offer their expertise in creating you a three-month care and therapy plan. You may be experiencing side effects from your treatment and the options listed here may help alleviate some of them for you.





Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation

Yoga, tai chi and meditation

Counselling and talking therapies

Nutritional awareness


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