What is Complementary Therapy

What is Complementary Therapy?

We describe all our services here at The Holistic Cancer Centre as “complementary” therapy, so what exactly does that mean?

According to the NHS, there isn’t one definition that accommodates all its uses.

However, in broad terms, “complementary and alternative medicine” refers to a range of treatments and therapies that are not mainstream.

Examples include: aromatherapy, acupuncture and meditation.

Complementary therapy is the term applied to therapies used alongside a mainstream treatment, whereas alternative therapy is in place of a more typical medication.

Here at The Holistic Cancer Centre, our therapies are recommended to be used in addition to your current cancer treatment. We see the benefits of using both in conjunction. Your consultant will advise on treating your cancer, whereas we focus on helping you feel more like yourself while you’re experiencing the mental and physical symptoms associated with cancer medication.

There is scientific evidence that some complementary therapies can help you feel better, but there isn’t any proof they can cure your cancer.

All therapies offered follow a consultation with one of our in-house nurses, who will recommend a package of treatment you can enjoy. All our services are delivered by qualified practitioners who are fully trained in carrying out their particular specialism.

Our recommended treatments are offered at no cost to you, the patient. If you would like to provide a donation to the charity, we suggest a small fee of just £5 to go towards the work we do.

We want to be able to provide our services to everyone free of charge, and any donations can help us reach more people who need them – however this is not obligatory.

If you have any queries about our complementary practitioners, we are more than happy to provide proof of their credentials upon request.

Examples of complementary therapies we offer here at the centre are:

Aromatherapy, tai chi, cognitive behavioural therapy, craniosacral therapy, massage, acupuncture and more.

To take advantage of these services, get in touch today to book your nurse consultation.

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